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Search Daddy are excited to be announcing that they are now able to offer their clients even greater digital marketing packages. After 10 years of business, Search Daddy are joining with a new team of marketing professionals to create ‘VIMAR Digital Marketing’.  This new partnership will allow Search Daddy offer new and existing clients a full range of digital marketing services without the need for looking elsewhere.

The VIMAR Team will bring creative and technical expertise, that you can trust in for your business growth.  By using one team, your business will save money and get a package that is directed by a central strategy for your campaign.  A well-run team can offer better results than various independent individuals.  This synergy of results is a fantastic reason to work with VIMAR Digital Marketing.

VIMAR Digital Marketing Team

Search Daddy will continue to offer premium SEO and Web Development services but can also offer clients a full range of important services such as Content Production and Branding Development.  There will also be a team focusing on the expanding need for excellent Social Media Marketing.  With a complete team behind your business pushing your digital growth, we believe that your business can take advantage of the possibilities available in the market.  Using services such as search engine optimisation, online advertising and social media marketing allows you to get your business offering in the eyes of your potential customer base.

We will also be offering great tips and advice regarding digital marketing in our new blog section.  Stay connected with the VIMAR Digital Marketing journey by connecting with all our Social Media Pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.  We will regularly be updating these pages with great offers and information regarding our services. If your serious about improving your digital reach, just drop us a message to start the conversation today.

VIMAR Digital Marketing Team

As a central part of this new Digital Marketing Agency, Search Daddy will be operating from its new office space, located at 6 Pepper’s Lane, Portlaoise, Co. Laois.  We are delighted to be involved with the local business community of Laois and are thrilled to be offering a complete service to our local business owners.  Feel free to drop in to our office or contact us by phone or email if you wish.  Our team are always excited to meet people who have a passion for growing their business.





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