An enormous amount of the population has conversations and shares information on social networking sites. Brands can no longer succeed without listening to the conversations about them on these sites. Social media enables brands to understand their impact and engage with their customers. We listen and monitor your social environment then come up with an innovative and effective strategy that is ideal for your brand.

Listen, Understand, Engage

Social media requires you to listen more and speak less. Your focus should be on understanding the conversations around your brand, products, competitors and marketplace, and not on gate-crashing conversations to sell your products or shift public opinion. Engage only after listening to and understanding the social landscape.

Engagement Strategy

After establishing who is saying what about your brand, it’s time to create strategies to engage with your audience and influence them. We can create your social media platform and manage your brand’s social voice, including monitoring and generating insight reports. We partner with great monitoring tools such as Brandwatch and Radian6 to communicate messages to your target audience, from competitions and promotions to conversation responses and general comments. We present engagement reports that are clear and concise.

Advertising Opportunities

Along with social interaction, social networking sites provide prospective promotional opportunities. There’s a vast opportunity to target audiences through their interests and other specific demographics or reward those who refer your products to their peers.

Social Media Management

When it comes to social media management, the mantra you should adopt is to listen and understand before diving in. The first step to successful management is to find out what people are saying about your brand and your sector, and who exactly is saying it. When you get this information, you can profile, segment and finally engage with the audience.


Social media has a significant impact on your brand, organisation and sector. We help you understand this impact and devise a strategy to enhance engagement and influence.


We’ll help you pay more attention to conversations surrounding your brand, products, competitors and market. We’ll use conversation types, key influencers and much more
to identify the target audience for your social media strategy.

Monitoring & Reporting

We use the best tools in the market to track and report your movement, performance, and impact on your social environment.

Community Management

We help you develop new online communities for your brand and grow existing ones. We will help you create a branded online community for your organisation that will increase brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty.


We help you engage with both individuals and communities on social media sites through creating promotional campaigns and conversation platforms, building online communities, managing brand reputation and spreading influence just to name a few.

Full-Service Package includes:

Social design
Social optimisation
Sentiment insight
Profiling & segmentation
Inbound response
Community management
Facebook stores
Monitoring & reporting
Conversion tracking

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