Want to get and stay ahead of your competition?

Best practice PPC is what you need. We know what matters most is increasing your sales/leads and return on investment. From research to optimisation to reporting, we remain focused on providing greater returns with every click and not just increasing your traffic.


Paid search marketing goes hand in hand with ROI. The accuracy with which PPC measures ROI and the huge potential it gives you to increase ROI are unrivalled by other advertising channels. The best-practice methods we adopt ensure you get the full benefits of your search campaign.

Adwords Professionals

Our analysts have the skills and experience to successfully run your search campaign. They are all Google AdWords certified professionals. What’s more, we train them rigorously on Cost per Acquisition (CPA) Campaigns and other aspects of our ROI focused model. As a result, they enhance their strategic skills and develop the in-depth knowledge required to maximise optimisation and sales.

Proven Results

The PPC industry is flooded with companies that make all sorts of promises. That makes it difficult to separate good companies from fly-by-night companies.

We have numerous positive customer reviews that prove the effectiveness of our PPC services. We will gladly introduce you to any of the satisfied customers that we’ve served in the past.

Full-Service PPC Management:

Keyword Generation

We have access to hundreds of millions of keywords that enable us to leverage the customer buying cycle. We analyse and segment the keywords into core target groups.

Campaign Expansion

Keywords and customer behaviour keep evolving. We understand this fact and are always up to date to help you capitalise on any new developments.

Ad copy

We test several Ad copy variants to see which ad attracts more converting visitors. This helps you focus advertising efforts. We also test ad extensions to determine the true value of the latest functionalities of search engines.


We customise optimisation systems to achieve our target ROIs on a granular level.


We establish the perfect way to target your campaign, taking location, language, search engine selection and devices used into consideration.

Competitive Research

Through competitive research and analysis, we explore what your competition is up to and establish their successes and failures. After that, we work towards making you gain more market share and formulate a suitable strategy for your website and marketplace.

Full-Service Package Includes:

PPC Audit
Competitive research
Strategy & tactics
Campaign targeting
Keyword generation and mining
Ad copy creation
Ad copy extensions
Creative testing
Click path analysis
Bid optimisation
Architectural structure
Equity weighing
Day parting
Detailed reporting

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