Facebook has more than one billion active users, meaning you have more than a billion opportunities to promote your brand. Are you ready to take these opportunities?

 We are! We provide imaginative and fantastic techniques to connect you to your target audience, creating engaging content that will pique people’s interests and attract them to your brand. We’ll combine creativity and experience to boost your social status, regardless of the size of your business.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is a social media giant with more than one billion users.

 How many of these users are you already connected with?

  Not enough? How many more users would you wish to engage with?

There’s virtually no limit to the size of audience you can develop for your brand. Advertising on Facebook allows you to connect with many new people, build useful data sets, increase customer loyalty and drive sales. You name it; you can have it. With an expert on your side, you’re sure to make the most of the countless opportunities.

Why Choose Us?

The answer is simple and straightforward: we set up compelling advertising campaigns that will expand your digital footprint and create content that will engage your fans as well as their friends (and friends of friends too).

Through A/B split testing, we establish the ads that are producing the best results in relation to your goals. We use creative content to help you encourage open dialogues with consumers, increase brand loyalty and keep your fans engaged and coming back for more.

Reach your ideal audience

When it comes to ad targeting, the options that Facebook gives you are unparalleled. Your ads can be super-targeted to get the users that will most likely engage with your brand. Want to reach expecting parents that list yoga and meditation among their hobbies? How about Justin Bieber fans who are turning 20 this year? Go for it! Facebook allows you to make your ad targeting ultra-specific. We’ll help you reach the users that will give you the best ROI.

Sponsored Story

Unlike Facebook Ads that promote specific things, Sponsored Stories promote content like a YouTube video or an amazing infographic. They’re excellent for releasing highly engaging and shareable content to the digital world.

Facebook Ad

You can use Facebook Ads to promote an app, your page, posts on your page, an event or your website. We’ll help you target the right users and find a hook that they will react to.

Promoted Post

Promoted posts enhance the visibility of your content. Once a user interacts with your post, a number of their friends will see it. As a result, you can grow your audience exponentially.

Facebook Leadgen

A Facebook Ad campaign can bring you the leads that you desire thick and fast. Using advanced targeting features, we’ll optimise your campaign to make sure it’s suited to your business goals.

Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers gives you an opportunity to reward your fans by letting you create promotions that are only open to people who have liked your page. The best part is that you can allow friends of your fans who have engaged with the offer to grab it too. With our help, you’ll get the most out of Facebook Offers and boost your supporters and sales.

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